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God in the House

God in the House

Pastor from Bydgoszcz says that in the name of Christ we must bravely repel the invasion of Islamic invaders who assault our borders.

In Paris, the owner of the La Belle Équipe bar employs Muslims after the attack, in which terrorists killed 19 people.


Catholic priest from a Muslim district is surprised that we fear of Islam. "But the Bretons also emigrated to Paris, now there is a lot of Bretons here and the world doesn’t collapse."


In Brussels, the priest invites four hundred of Muslims to the church for dinner on the occasion of Ramadan.


Imam of Montreuil asks whether we have nuns in Poland. "When you see them, do you spit on them? A Pole extremism doesn’t want to accept  Muslim women walking around dressed as nuns. "


Muslim, bar owner on the outskirts of Paris, said: "Media bring us war. There are not any terrorists here. "


The French priest confides that he would be unhappy if he lived in Poland.


Brussels councilor of the Islam Faction believes that Poland is not in Europe.



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