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about us


The Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz is a public institutional theatre. Since September 2017, Łukasz Gajdzis has been the Managing Director.

A theatre should be open, accessible and polyphonic. Speaking with many voices – for a wide audience. Listening carefully to the needs of the inhabitants and trying to address that needs. 

Further to the above, the Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz is planning to widen its formula and put a stronger emphasis on repertoire diversity. The idea of public theatre as such is expressed, above all. in an unrestricted access to the theatre, a wide range of plays, addressing the diversified needs, preferences and reception abilities. We are hereby entering into the season of the theatre of phenomena. The assumed diversity shall consist in the flexible approach to genres, discussing many topics and problems or inviting young, interesting artists. The challenge of having a repertoire rich with issues and forms marks yet another, equally important goal – protecting the high artistic level  of the plays presented to the inhabitants of the city.     

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