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PREMIERE: 06.12.2007
Adventures of a Cheating Flea

Adventures of a Cheating Flea

Would you like to hear a story? Jan Brzechwa, an outstanding Polish poet and an author of children’s literature, asks this simple question to subsequent generations of children. Yes!

We want to hear a story! Really? Well then, here you are - this is a story about the amazing Cheating Flea. She may be tiny, almost invisible, but - as it often happens with fleas - she is annoying, mischievous, ubiquitous, cunning and, what is worse, incredibly clever. The colourful tale of her astounding pranks and exploits is a script which relies heavily of the actors’ improvisation. Brzechwa’s amusing verses combined with the sense of humour of Małgorzata Witkowska, Paweł Gilewski and Marcina Zawodziński guarantee lots of theatrical fun. And, by the way, it is very curious how the Cheating Flea managed to eat the filling out of thirty cream rolls while paying for only one...

The stage designer and the director put their trust in the young audience. They did not serve them with a ready tale, but invited them into a game of imagination. And they discovered an obvious truth - the children love it... – Michalina Łubecka, Gazeta Wyborcza

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