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Fairy Tale Traders

Fairy Tale Traders

Oh, that dragon again. [We, we won’t drag on...] In every fairy tale, there must be a fire-breathing monster devouring the inhabitants.

Only… who is still afraid of it? Supposedly you need to get rid of it, because it wreaks havoc, but again there seems to be no volunteers. In this tale, the king will also appear. As usual, he promises his daughter’s hand to the one who gets rid of the dragon. Poor princess. There will also be a kingdom, courtiers, street vendors and everything you can expect in fairy tales. Except for one thing.

A pair of siblings will come to the town, instantly turning everything we think about fairy tales upside down. In a tangle of cases and half-truths, they will enter into various relationships with the inhabitants of the town, even those that they would rather avoid. They will see what lies lead to, and they will experience that to be happy, you do not have to marry a prince and live in a castle. It's boring in the castle, it's better to kill the dragon and continue exploring the world. Making theater, for instance.


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