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Stateswomen, Sluts of Revolution, or the Learned Ladies

Stateswomen, Sluts of Revolution, or the Learned Ladies

Théroigne de Méricourt, feminist activist of the French Revolution fighting for woman citizens' rights, for equality, freedom and solidarity.

Her name doesn't appear next to Danton and Robespier though, it's nowhere to be found in school books and encyclopedias neither. She was rewarded with lynching for her activism and devotion to women's issues. Her beliefs and postulates were too radical, even for leaders of the French Revolution. History described her bravery and engagement as insanity and political fanaticism. For people involved in creating the spectacle, Théroigne de Méricourt serves as an excuse to think about ideas, methods and tools that could arouse a revolutionary rebellion today, in the 21st century. Is radicalism, often named fanaticism, an effective method of waking up asleep citizens? How to be brave and enthusiastic and how to have faith in the possibility to change.

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