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Student Wednesdays

Student Wednesdays

Each month we invite you to an event dedicated to students.

Student Wednesday is the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discount on selected performance in month. Anyone who shows valid student ID at the ticket office, will be able to buy a ticket for 15 PLN. 

A schedule of upcoming events under the Student Wednesdays:


December 12 at 7 pm Balladyna. Inner war
November 21 at 7 pm THE VAMPIRE. Trauerspiel
May 17 at 7 pm    Bydgoszcz Stories
April 11 at 7 pm    Balladyna. Inner war 
March 21 at 7 pm Marie Antoinette. The Wake of the Queen
January 10 at 7 pm Comedy of Errors


December 13 at 7 pm The Beksińscy Family
May 31 at 7 pm The Paris Commune
May 17 at 7 pm God in the House
April 19 at 7 pm Stateswomen, Sluts of Revolution, or the Learned Ladies
March 8 at 7 pm Blood on the Cat's throat or Marilyn Monroe vs. Vampires
February 8 at 7 pm CBAPKA (swarka)
January 18 at 7 pm- The Paris Commune


December 14 at 7 pm - Romville
November 30 at 7 pm - No Versailles Over Here!!
May 4  at 7pm - Borders
March 30  at 7 pm - The Dybbuk 
January 20 at 7 pm - The Grapes of Wrath 

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