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Balladyna. Internal War

Balladyna. Internal War

“Do you love me, my slender does?” Let her be an artist. After all, madness and art go well together.

Let’s add some ambition, visionariness and a particular sensibility to the surrounding world and you will see her. Lost when she is deprived of any means; sleepless when she is thinking about her aim. She goes mad when she realizes there is much more than her vision of the world. But what is it, anyway? 


The raspberries will not be discussed this time. Nor will be the three crimes perpetrated by one woman. Nor the indelible bloodstain on the forehead.  We will not be devoting our attention to anything we know about this ballad. Enough of the envious daughter, the wayward daughter or the criminal. Enough of the greedy for power, ruthless or the fearless of God.


Justyna Łagowska ventures to produce an almost 200 years old theatrical play by Juliusz Słowacki in a brand new form. The music convention of the play adds an incredible dynamic to this classic text and the non-linear narration provides for an in-depth reinterpretation of the events that took place near the Gopło lake. 

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