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Danuta W.

Danuta W.

The book entitled Marzenia i tajemnice (Dreams and Secrets), published in autumn of 2011, rose public interest and became not only a media event, but also a hot social topic.

Danuta Walesa not only broke the silence, but also gave the right to be heard to all women. The readers find their fates in the story and follow the voice of the Author. It is a surprising cultural phenomenon that is still alive.

The performance of DANUTA W. is based on the book by Danuta Wałęsa Marzenia i tajemnice (Dreams and Secrets), edited by Piotr Adamowicz, published by the Wydawnictwo Literackie from Cracow. In a bold and poignant autobiography, the author tells about herself, her family and the turbulent history of Poland of the recent decades. Natural and strong as always, the author tells about both wonderful times and the price which had to be paid for them. She tells the world her version of events.

In the role of Danuta Wałęsa we will see Krystyna Janda, who commented on her work on the text and the play:

This play and this role, with the legendary leader of Solidarity and the President of Poland in the background, is one of my greatest life challenges, not only professional, but also in human and civic ones.  The confessions of Danuta Walesa fill me with admiration and emotion every day. The simplicity and honesty of these utterances astounds and provokes respect. All this encourages to tell whole history of Poland from the perspective of women.

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