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The Dybbuk

The Dybbuk

A curtain is returning to the theatre, and on the stage ghosts hidden behind her for ages are reviving. What is this summoning of, forgotten and grated pasts the convention? And would be supposed to believe in dybbuk entering the body of the actress? We invite you to the legend of the ghost which settled in the body of his beloved.

It is a history of love, nondeprived of danger, but crossing border of worlds, the convention and the theatre. However we are warning, it isn't harmless play, or else a long time ago discontinued world will return of tonight, and when the curtain in the end falls, at the theatre only we will stay - without costumes, entirely visible. And with us our frenzied ghosts.

Characters of Dybuk are struggling on the stage with the story which seems so strange, that it is hard to tell her without notes. The performance is showing the group of teachers and pupils struggling with the tragic death of one of them. They stage Dybuk and with borrowed words are comparing themselves with the own conscience. Jewish spiritual and social reality of beginning of the 20th century - strange and exotic, paradoxically is becoming a tool for talking about oneself for them. Immerse yourself in fiction, realizing the long forgotten world reveal what repressed and shameful in their community.

Dybuk inspired with drama of Szymon An-ski, rewritten by Ignacy Karpowicz  is an effect of team work, common to reflection concerning mechanisms of the violence, with which young people are measuring oneself at the school. The history of the dead boy which is returning as the ghost is a story about the individual and collective guilt.

About world, in which hate is trivialising.

About the sin of the omission and his consequences.

About what our scapegoats are talking about us alone. \ \


Yeah so we will try you to spend the nice evening.

I am Dżi, it isn't mine real name of course, it is from Gienia, Genowefa, after the grandmother, grandmother if you can see me, love regards.

What is this art about?

The art is about Jews

tadam tadam!

Yeah so we are also knowing nothing about Jews

Until recently we didn't know in any case.

Yeah it is hard here to emphasize the humorous advantage.

But Grześ convinced us that the subject of Jews wasn't lame.

And he will let even grow fond of each other.


* In the performance fragments of Dybuk by Szymon An-ski were used in translation by Michał Friedman.


The performance is taking part in w 22. National Contest for the Staging of Polish Contemporary Play











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