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Festival of New Dramaturgies 2017

Festival of New Dramaturgies 2017


Not to want something means to want not to do something.

As a rule, we want to create an open, inviting and hospitable festival.

We are convinced that we can do more when we do not exclude any ideological or political point of view. The art can only be free as long as it reaches the audience in an unexpected and unlimited way. The theatre can only be alive as long as it escapes the repetitive conventions and rigid definitions. The formula of this year’s Festival is based on shifting the emphasis from the popular upon the universal.             

Let us imagine that we forget about all the divisions, the ubiquitous politics and the apocalyptical visions of the world. Let us take a look on what is beyond the front pages of the newspapers, the shocking news appearing on the news ticker, let us turn a blind eye to all the political affairs. Let us pay our attention to the events on the verge of the public interest. In this way, we will be searching for unconventional experiences and emotions. Exploring the genres, which are rarely present in an institutional or public theatre, we will expand the boundaries of the theatre and redefine the context of the multifarious needs of the audience. Focusing on the issues which are often excluded from public discourse, we will discuss the vital topics, which are unfairly passing over in silence.                

The name of the Festival in Polish (Un/wanted World Premieres) is a word play containing a double connotation. The Festival offers a wide range of plays, which for the reason of its genre are often excluded from the mainstream of public theatre and Polish theatre festivals. Nonetheless they often represent values which are unattainable for institutional theatre. Unwanted, or, in other words, rejected by mainstream, are wanted or even desirable in the present edition of the Festival of New Dramaturgies. The Festival is also a story about the Other, which attracts us; about the rejection  everyone has faced, and, least but not least, about the attempts to define what do we want in life and what we are striving for when we are rejecting the things we - undoubtedly - do not want.         

The future of the Festival has been challenged a few months ago. As it turned out, some have been less favourable towards the organization of the Festival, while others have been very keen to organize it. The Festival does not belong to anyone. It is impossible to call the Festival off out of the blue, hoping that ‘maybe we will manage it next year’. Over a span of the more than a dozen years, the form of the Festival was subject to diverse changes. In addition, it evolved in many ways and every year has led to numerous discoveries, broadening the meaning of the word ‘theatre’ as such. The Word ‘Prapremiery’ [World Premieres] has since been used not only to denote one of the most respected festivals in Poland, or the first public performance, but also as an introduction of entirely new dramatic phenomena. We define the Festival of New Dramaturgies as a Celebration of the Theatre, the city and last but not least the people. The unquestionable value of the Festival consists first and foremost in people – the audience, artists, authors, those who jointly create the space for dialogue, which is fairly interesting by definition, because it presupposes the co-existence of many different viewpoints, preferences and receptive competences. Let us remember that it is art and the other that enriches us the most.                     

And if we want the Festival, then we will organized it.

Łukasz Gajdzis

If you want to find out more, please visit: www.festiwalprapremier.pl  

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