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PREMIERE: 04.06.2015
Cabinet of Political Wonders

Cabinet of Political Wonders

It’s obvious: life in the (neo) liberal world is founded on the concepts of political and personal freedom.

Ana Vujanović is one of the most impor­tant rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the con­tem­po­rary per­for­ma­tive arts in Europe. She is a researcher, drama­tist, author of books on social and polit­i­cal con­text of per­for­ma­tive arts, and the founder of the leg­endary Walk­ing The­ory col­lec­tive. She has coop­er­ated with, among oth­ers, Saša Asen­tić, Marta Popivoda, Bojana Cve­jić, and Eszter Sala­mon. This time, together with Saša Asen­tić and a group of co-workers, she invites the view­ers to visit a cab­i­net of polit­i­cal curiosi­ties that trans­late politi­cians’ speeches into move­ment and into chore­og­ra­phy that becomes part of the instal­la­tion. They cre­ate a unique, unset­tling curios­ity parade, and a phan­tom show pre­sent­ing fig­ures from con­tem­po­rary his­tory and politic, thus giv­ing unpre­dictable power to the bor­ing speeches of well-known politicians.

Life in the (neo)liberal world is based on the idea of per­sonal and polit­i­cal free­dom. How could we exist with­out them? But maybe they have noth­ing to do with an indi­vid­ual, per­sonal rights, and pro­pri­etor­ship? A team of artists, the­o­rists and cul­tural activists work­ing in Ser­bia and Ger­many offers no answers to these ques­tions, rather they invite us to a dis­cur­sive prac­tice in a staged cab­i­net of polit­i­cal won­ders. Here, influ­en­tial speeches of the 20th and 21st cen­turies expand the mean­ing of per­sonal and polit­i­cal free­dom. As a counter move­ment to the gen­eral trend of muse­u­mi­sa­tion of chore­og­ra­phy, this het­ero­topia con­trasts voices, bod­ies and images that would have been incom­pat­i­ble else­where. Who­ever enters is invited to pose undis­ci­plined questions.

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