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The machine has been running for a long time. It works every day. It works systemically. You don't have to start it. It needs to be maintained. Broken down, it works great too.

You can admire it. You can play it. You may disregard its operation. So why are you continually listening to it with your mouth open?

The machine radiates sound. It was recently discovered that if you irradiate someone with a particular wavelength of sound and the vibration of that wavelength for a certain amount of time, behavioural modifications will occur, and subsequently: thought colonization. This process takes place through apprenticing, providing, producing reflexes, pruning, acquiescing, evaluating, repeating, abandoning. It is a good idea to keep a low profile to reduce the risk of interference. Building relationships does not serve it either. Successful taming to specific social roles, on the other hand, provides confidence that the social and economic order will remain intact and that we will fulfil our roles.

In “The Machine”, the finest processes of lunging thoughts materialize, stretched between tenderness and torture. They follow a set routine, but their temperature and direction change according to gender, age, social and economic class - and most of all, according to what you hear. So in each instalment, we experience only a slice of the Machine's capabilities.

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