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The play was inspired by the events that took place last year in Legnica, when scarves and key leashes with the phrase “Gypsy Hunters” were handed out during a match of a local football club.

Police officers were standing near the stand, yet the next day a group of pupils from a local school came to classes wearing the scarves they received as “gifts” during the match.

The play is based on several reportage pieces gathered throughout Poland by the reporter Justyna Pobiedzińska and the director Elżbieta Depta. Pobiedzińska writes for a Romani quarterly „Dialog-Pheniben.” Depta, a student of direction at the Kraków Theatre Academy, has been preoccupied with the subject of Europe’s largest minority since her psychological studies at the Jagiellonian University - her M.A. thesis focused on the issue of education among the minority. She also conducted theatre workshops for Romani children together with the “Newo Dziwipen” Association.

The stories gathered by the authors of the play took place everywhere: at a school, a police station and a shop... The protagonists are not only Romani, but also the actors of the Bydgoszcz theatre who have to confront the characters they portray and the stories that remain unnoticed, as if this “everywhere” meant “nowhere.”



Romani Ensemble JAMARO SVETO

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